Irish Dance Competition

Annual Rose & Shamrock Festival & Feis!

2020 Information

Hosted by:  Lancaster Celtic Arts Foundation Inc.

Location:  Marriott Convention Center, 25 S Queen St, Lancaster, PA 17603

*2020 will feature second change grade and preliminary championship competitions on Friday night! 

A full feis will run on Saturday as before.

Syllabus: Registrations are open via and the Syllabus is available here.

2020 Judges

  • Bill Maple, VA

  • Marnie Maple, VA

  • Brian Sexton, NJ

  • Eileen Morr, CT

  • JJ Hester, MD

  • Joe Seletski, NY

  • Maggie Ritnour, NY

  • Michael Meehan, Ireland

  • Joan T. Cass, CT

  • Joan M. Cass, CT

  • Iris Sharnick, PA

  • Margaret Cleary, CA


2020 Musicians

  • Rich Moore

  • PJ Doran

  • Pattie Morrissey

  • Oliver Browne

  • David Yates

  • Niall O'Leary


2020 Music Competition Judge

  • Dan Foster


5 Grade Stages:  For our grade stages, we will be using stages provided by the McDade-Cara School of Irish Dance.  Dancers will dance 2 at a time on grade stages.


2 Champ Stages:  For our Champ stages, we will be using raised stages provided by Shumaker PDT.  The stages are covered with Marley to reduce slipping and the edges of the stage are taped with caution tape.  Dancers will dance 2 at a time on champ stages.


Feis is registered, sanctioned, and will be governed by the rules of An Coimisiun ( The Mid-Atlantic Region ( and the North American Feis Commission ( Lori Seeman, President.


Please refer to applicable websites for current rules governing the Feis. If the Mid-Atlantic Region and the NAFC have divergent rules, the Mid-Atlantic Rules prevail.


We ask ALL Competitors to adhere to the clothing rules outlined by An Coimisiun Le Rince Gaelacha. 

(please see below.) 

Also, please be mindful that we are in a public space with Festival attendees in every area of the Feis and we ask that your dancer be properly covered at all times.  Please use the bathrooms as changing rooms and NOT public areas.


4.4.1 Costume length: Length of costumes must adhere to principles of modesty, and enable dancers to safely execute their movements and steps. Adjudicators who determine a costume to be too short or to lack modesty may use the Costume Infraction (Tick Box) Program in order to flag the dancer and ensure the teacher is notified. As the Costume Infraction Program is used for ALL costume violations, adjudicators wishing to specify length as the infraction can write the letter ‘L’ in the Tick Box column.


4.4.2 Necklines must be at collarbone level or above. This does not preclude the use of alternative fabrics, e.g. lace, as an inset.


4.4.3 Costumes must consist of full front, side and back sections. Cut-away styles, without a full skirt backing, are not acceptable.


4.4.4 In order to protect dancers from hazardous objects on stage while competing, costumes may not be decorated with feathers.


4.4.7 Where chiffon or lace material is used as sleeves, the sleeves must start at the shoulder line and end at the cuff.

4.4.8 Costumes for both boys and girls should not include representations such as globes, medals or any other item symbolic of an award having been achieved


4.4.10 Appropriate underwear, covering the midriff, must be worn. (See the section on underwear for details.) Where tights are worn, they must be of a denier of not less than 70.

4.4.11 Body suits should be of premium fabric and not showing the body contour in detail. Recommended fabrics include: velvet and lycra.


4.4.12 Skirts worn over bodysuits should be the same length as full costumes and sit at the dancer’s mid-thigh at the back, with sufficient material to allow for movement when raising the leg. Tight sport skirts or gym skirts are not suitable. Wrap-around skirts should be secured with a pin.


4.5.1 Make-up will not be permitted for any dancer in the first two grades (Bungrad and Tusgrad or equivalent) up to and including the under 12 age group worldwide).


4.5.2 Make-up (including false eyelashes) is not permitted for dancers, in either solo or team competitions, up to and including the Under 10 age group.


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