Irish Gaelic Workshop

SATURDAY, February 15, 2020

HERITAGE STAGE at the Marriott


Rodney English: former Irish Gaelic Instructor at HACC (Harrisburg Campus) and current Teacher of European Languages at Coatesville High School. Craic (pronounced “crack”) means FUN in Gaelic, and fun we will have learning Gaelic! Rúairí Béarla (ROO-AH-REE – BEAR-LAH) will be your guide in learning this wonderful Celtic Language. At our workshop, you’ll learn dozens of useful words and phrases that will enable you to connect with your culture, enrich your holiday, create deeper friendships, participate more fully in Irish cultural and social life, build bridges with your roots and ancestors, and enhance your Celtic Life! This workshop will include: -introductions and courtesies -common conversation -getting food, drinks, and lodging -shopping -setting up meetings -numbers -questions and answers -colors, dates, and days -songs, sayings, and stories -common names and culture -grammar modules -much more!

We are going to have a good time in Gaelic! NOW is the time to give it a try!


Ode to Burns / Address to the Haggis

SATURDAY, February 15, 2020

HERITAGE STAGE at the Marriott


This 45 minute event features a Haggis piped in and then offered to anyone who wants to try a bite!  After the Address to the Haggis, time will be spent in an Ode to Burns with several readings of his most popular pieces.  Anyone who has a favorite piece of Burns is invited to share with the group in open mic fashion.

Duffys Cut.jpg

Duffy's Cut Workshop   

SATURDAY, February 15, 2020

HERITAGE STAGE at the Marriott


Duffy's Cut is a site in Malvern, PA where a mass grave of 57 immigrant Irish railroad workers was found in the 1990s. Although the railroad reported that they died of Cholera, archeological excavations have shown the possibility of mass murder. Immaculata College along with many other supporters continue to research the deaths and have worked to erect tombstones & memorials and also give proper burials. A Representative of Duffy's Cut will be giving an informational seminar on the Heritage stage at 2:30pm. Come and learn the history and learn how you can support their efforts!

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Piping Demonstration

SATURDAY, February 15, 2020

HERITAGE STAGE at the Marriott


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