Established in May 2016, The Foundation was formed for the promotion of and education in Irish Cultural Art Forms and to support the members of The Paloma School of Irish Dance. The Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

In its short history, The Foundation has already proven to be extremely active in the community, hosting the Rose & Shamrock Celtic Festival, founding the Celtic Night at the Barnstormers and having its Dance-Members perform in over 50 shows each year at retirement communities, schools, private clubs, restaurants, theaters, festivals, parades, etc...

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Lancaster Celtic Arts Foundation

Scottish Clan

The way you spell the name (over 270 ways to date) matters little! It is more important that the same Scottish Clan has existed for at least seven centuries and continues today; historic in its contribution to the nation of Scotland; central to the Scottish “Plantation of Ireland”; and impressive in the importation of culture and strength to the American colonies by the Scots and the Scots-Irish. Some claim the line reaches back to the High Kings of Ulster (Ireland) and has come unbroken to this day.

Starting in the eighteenth century we migrated to North America, the Indies and later Australia and New Zealand. Members of our clan were prominent in the Revolutionary War and have fought for their country in every war since.


Recognizing the social value of our cultural heritage and its importance as a foundation for the future, an “Irvine Society” was formed about 1910 and lasted into the 1930's, disappearing at about the time of World War II. A re-birth occurred on 21 March 1976 when the 'CLAN IRWIN ASSOCIATION' was initiated by our Founding President, Ralph Irwin, to carry forward our historic cultural objectives. History teaches, genealogy enlightens, our tartan and heraldic insignia engender solidarity, and the Clan Association makes use of them all. There are more than fifty Coats of Arms in the clan.

The choice of the Association name reflects its appearance in clan history and its larger population numbers in North America. In the year 1184 the historian Hovedon wrote of the Castle Irwin in Scotland. The immediate purpose of the C.I.A. (Clan Irwin Association) is to promote identification and fellowship among those “of the name”; to gather genealogical information through research and exchange; and to record and disseminate the proud and long history of the clan. Membership is open to anyone.

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Clan Irwin Association

The Clan Buchanan Society International Inc.

Our Clan Chief, Michael Buchanan of that Ilk, will attend the 2019 General Meeting and Gathering of the Clan on September 20-22, 2019 at the New Hampshire Highland Games and Festival Loon Mountain Resort, Lincoln, New Hampshire. Come and join us as we welcome Michael on his inaugural visit to North America as our chief. For information on the meeting email

The CBSI was formed in 1970 as the Clan Buchanan Society in America.  It was founded at the Grandfather Mountain Games in North Carolina.  The name was later changed to the Clan Buchanan Society International Inc., to reflect our society's expanded purpose and membership. 

The society is currently divided into sixteen US and international regions with many members active throughout the United States and around the world.  The wonderful thing about the CBSI is that any person who is of Buchanan descent or one of the Septs (associated family names) can join and celebrate their Scottish heritage with many links to Buchanan activities, genealogist, etc.  We also accept people who know they are of Scottish descent, but are not sure what their clan or history might be!


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Clan Buchanan

Lockhart Clan Member Crest Badge "Corda Serrata Pando" - I open locked hearts


In early times this name was spelt 'Locard' or 'Lokart'. Like so many Scottish families, the Locards came from England where they were among those dispossessed of lands by William the Conqueror. There were lands of Lockards’ near Penrith in the 12th century and later in Annandale, where the town of Lockerbie is said to be named after them. The family finally settled in Ayrshire and Lanarkshire, where they have held land for over 700 years.

The earliest paper in the family archives is a charter of 1323. By this Sir Symon Locard bound himself and his heirs to pay out of the lands of Lee and Cartland an annual rent of £10. Stephen Locard, grandfather of Sir Symon, founded the village of Stevenston in Ayrshire. His son, Symon, acquired lands in Lanarkshire and, like his father, called a village which he founded, Symons toun (today Symington) after himself.

Symon, the 2nd of Lee, won fame for himself and his family fighting alongside Robert the Bruce in the struggle for Scottish Independence. He was knighted for his loyal service. Sir Symon was among the knights, led by Sir James Douglas, who took Bruce's heart on crusade in 1329 to atone for his murder of John Comyn in the church of Grefriars in 1306. The crusade was ended prematurely when Douglas was killed fighting the Moors in Spain, but to commemorate the adventure and the honour done to the family, their name was changed from Locard to Lockheart, which afterwards became Lockhart. The heart within the fetterlock was from then on included in the arms of the family, and the deed is also commemorated in the motto.

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Our purpose is to:

  1. To promote and foster the Irish culture in Lancaster County and elsewhere

  2. To perpetuate the history of Ireland and its people

  3. To encourage friendship, loyalty and kinship among those people of Lancaster County interested in Irish culture, traditions and history

  4. To promote civic participation within the Lancaster County community through works of charity

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Lancaster Irish American Cultural Society

Historic Preservation

The Octorara Covenanter Presbyterian Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable and educational non-profit organization established in part to restore and maintain the Octorara Covenanter Presbyterian Church and its attached school room as an historical site.  The Church is the oldest Covenanter Church in North America dating back to 1754.  The schoolroom, a Presbyterian Academy, was added to the Church about 1880.  From 1901 to 1927 the schoolroom housed Bart Township High School.

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Covenanter Scottish Festival

Representatives can register to participate in the Rose & Shamrock Festival by completing the registration form / contract below. Please note that space is limited.  Groups will be chosen based on their proximity to Lancaster, their Celtic authenticity, and their contribution to The Festival.

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2020 Lineup Coming Soon!

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